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Whats says Josh Cahill About trip in georgia With TRIPME.GE

“It doesn’t matter where you go but travel with and Georgia’s nature will keep you speechless. One specific region I will not forget is the Tusheti National Park, a northern slope of the Caucasian Mountains and it kinda reminded me of Scotland, just more beautiful and amazing. It’s hard to believe that such a magical place like this is nearly untouched and with no tourists. I think I want to keep it that way and won’t tell you more about it, look at the photos and tell me what you think…”


  • We offer the base of native drivers,where you will be able to choose preffered vehicle car  and a driver.
  • The main goal of our company is to make your trip comfortable and safe,that’s why we offer 30-40% of guaranteed lower price than other native companies do.
  • Our drivers are trained  monthly in order to increase their qualification and service.
  • All cars are being   checked technically in every two month.
    The driver have been chosen by you  will arrive at appointed location,at  indicated time without delay with clean and desciplined car.
  • While travelling the driver will stop for you in any your desirable place,to make  your trip pleasant,to take pictures , to enjoy the views or to taste traditional Georgian dishes and wine.In any small violation,the driver will be discharged from our base without  recovery.

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